Alina Amuri - Vibrant and colourful soul

Alina Amuri creates magical musical moments with a blend of cultural influences to get across a vibrant and bold message. Born in DR Congo Kinshasa and raised in Switzerland, the singer and multi-instrumentalist has developed her own homemade style between afro / neo soul and trip hop over the last ten years. An unforgettable voice meets Congolese percussion joy and surprising flute interludes, releasing forces where optimism returns and dancing becomes inevitable. A sound that creates a new sense of togetherness and the promise that everything will be fine.

Alina Amuri, who grew up with Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone and Alicia Keys brings those influences together in her music combined with a fresh vibrant twist. Alina was selected for SRF 3 Best Talent and was nominated for the country's most important Swiss Music Award and with her previous album “Chasing Traces” (Sony)  She won Swiss Live Talent.  She has already stepped onto very prestigious stages such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Baloise Session, Future Echoes Sweden, Mondo New York Festival.

In 2023 Alina Amuri will present her next studio album "Back To You". It is the most personal yet and tells of her journey back to her birthplace Kinshasa, back to her family roots. It was her first trip there and took a lot of overcoming. "Back To You" sounds like a redemption. Like a massive liberation. It's an up and down of emotions that gets to us, but also spreads positive vibes of vibrant and colourful soul.